I Want To Quit

by Yor Cronies

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I Want To Quit is Yor Cronies first album. Its about the struggles of poor mental health, low self esteem and self inflicted misery. We hope it makes you smile.


released May 31, 2017

Music and Lyrics by Yor Cronies
Art work By Vincent Konrad
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by James Goldsmith at Blue Barn Recording Studio

A special thanks to everyone in our lives that puts up with our shit.



all rights reserved


Yor Cronies Wellington, New Zealand

Simpsons already did it

We couldn't afford real instruments so we started an acoustic pop punk band.

Sadistic Vulnerability with just a sprinkle of narcissism to help the medicine go down
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Track Name: Nuisance
There’​s an asteroid field in your brain, fucking with yor heart but once again, it all feels the same.As the rabbits​ have been eaten so what are you now, chasing & how far down can you go down the hole.

Saying I hate my brain, yeah I hate my brain.

There’​s a forest fire within yor heart, cooking up ya brain, but once again it all feels the same. But the roadkill​ dragged itself off the curve, Conscious we might notice it's unhealthy weight loss & as we get away..
Track Name: AdIddy
I was a piece of shit this morning, I didn’t get out of bed till the sun was falling, It’s a privilege to be this boring, God is dead vengeance is calling.

I don’t want to be the guy who says that he wants to die, with a smile on his face. & I don’t want to be the guy who said that everything is fine, when apocalypse 666 is right on its way.

It was a great day to go fuck it all away, It’s a shame to beat yor wife on a Sunday, Only satellites hear you when you pray, God is dead hip, hip hooray
Track Name: Bigger Plans
They say I’​ve got too much tongue for my cheek, I say put yor head between yor legs & kiss yor arse goodbye, &​ if yor so very special why are you alone tonight, Congratulations & high five, You learnt to hide yor hair amongst yor eyes.

They said hey man, We should get together some time & just hang, I said no, I can​’t, I​​’​ve got bigger plans I’​​m sleeping in.

My track is skipping but I don’​​t mind I like the way it sits, I’​​m bleeding out from usb ports in my wrists, & if yor so very Christ like then what do you got to say, for yourself, Don​’t you worry, none of us were​ listening, To yor constant whining, bitching & moaning.

Time to go, visiting hours are over
Track Name: Badly Drawn Boy
I’m a novelty snow globe sitting on my shelf alone, Waiting in the summer amongst fake snow. Paranoid of my shadow, who’s always trying to get away, but I can’t blame them, hell If i could i would get away, if I could you know I would, go get the fuck away because...

I’m a badly drawn boy, & a sad man child, & nothing makes me laugh, & nothing makes me smile.

Now my head is a porno, with all the naughty bits censored, with violent images of those I left behind, & god is just a side dish to a disappointing salad, & I find no nourishment in believing I could have an afterlife, After all this time I spent wasting away this life
Track Name: Parents
Kids, don’t grow up to be, like yor, parents, because their assholes.

Now I’m afraid, that my dog doesn’t love me, because my father taught me, that love was conditional. & that all my dreams they are achievable, but only if I’m in, with the right people. Which I’m not, because all my friends are fucks, but I love them all oh so much, & that’s why I said..

Kids, don’t grow up to be, like yor, parents, because their arseholes.

Now I’m afraid, because my mother said, stranger danger, & everyone’s a fucking stranger, when I’m not myself, but I’m not anyone else, this is my identity crisis that makes me say..

Kids we gave you fair warning, don’t grow up because it sucks.. dick.
Track Name: Well Enough
Well I really wanted to like you, but some things don’t turn the way you want them to. Your rude condescending attitude, Makes me wanna beat the shit outta you, No games, no jokes, just please leave my house.

Oh I know it’s not nice to say, but if there is a hell I hope you’ll burn well, & there’s a lot of things I’d put in my mouth but what you’re cooking up you can count me out. I think I know you well enough to hate you now..

Well heaven knows I did my best, to get along with whatever this was, but your mighty than thou personal makes me want to knock some teeth out no games no jokes please leave my house, i think i know you well enough

To hate you now
Track Name: Cheer Up Cherub
Ain’t it fun to get up & burn out totally unaware? That there’s intelligent life out there, As we watch the watchmen, who are watching you, & so by rumour we know what it is that you do, So is it still winning if you ain’t having fun? When there’s blood in the sink & you’ve lost everyone?, Yor cute when you scream, you know how to excite me, the monster in my head, sleeps on a burning bed, & hey Jude, don’t listen to what Paul said, sad songs are made to make you feel like shit.

So cheer up cherub
Track Name: Sinners, I Love You
Someone hold me like a straight jacket, till I calm down, till I calm down, cause all you people yor just zombies, you care to much about yor doe rei me, & that’s fucking depressing..

People, yor all going to hell, but I don’t mind because I’m probably going there as well.

So you all call it, a necessary evil, I call it a cop out, I call it a cop out, but I know I’m not the purest at heart, as all I think about is sex, & my art, & that’s fucking depressing..

Someone hold me, be my straight jacket, till I calm down, till I calm down, Because this is my best attempt at telling you I love you, & that’s fucking depressing..

People yor all going to hell, but I don’t mind I’m just glad I got the time to know you before I die
Track Name: Killing Me
I once thought I heard the devil call my name, but it was just me talking out in my sleep, basking in sun like a rotting sack of meat, after all they told me I could be anything..

Ain’t that lucky Ol sun, just beaming down on me, giving away cancer? Ain’t those birds flying free, flying over me, they’re spreading disease, Ain’t that just the way, they say beauty is pain, & I gotta say “yor killing me”..

I had friends who were all above me, but they figured it out, & moved onto better things, it’s hard to ignore all those evil things we saw, so it’s okay if I were you I would forget me to
Track Name: Let's Get Murdered
Paint, paint, paint with in lines, God I​’​m losing my mind, Don​’t, don​’​​t, don’t walk around the trash, without appreciating that it was art first, Evil, evil, evil, monkey see monkey do, All they wanted ever wanted was to be loved by you..

I feel fine, digging myself a hole up into the sky, Saying let’​s get away tonight, & let​ ’​​s get murdered, let​’s get murdered let​ ​’​s get murdered, let​’s get murdered.

He, he, he rides a rocking horse, he​ ​’s only ever gonna​ go backwards & forth, Bleach, bleach, bleach her long blonde hair, till it falls out everywhere, Evil, evil, evil, monkey see monkey do, All they ever needed was to be loved by you
Track Name: Time Machine
I’m the kind of guy that would, shit in a time machine. Kind of guy that people say ain’t no good, I’m the guy that tells a joke, when he thinks no one’s listening, the guy that gets arrested for over using my right to speak, I’ve been arrested for over using my right to speak.

I’m the guy that painted beards on the faces of billboards gave you something to look at on yor long drive home, & I’m the guy you scoff at, because he sings to himself, He can’t be happy he must be high on something else, I can’t be this happy I must be high on something else.

So I’m the guy that means well I’m the guy that tries, But seems to fuck it up every, god damn time, & I’m the guy you say always seems to cross the line, Well of course I did, I thought was a fucking finish line, well of course I did I thought it was a fucking finish line.

So I’m kind of guy that would shit in a time machine, The kind of guy that people say ain’t no good
Track Name: Can't Commit
I straight injected chlorine into my skin, because I heard Jesus lived in me & I believe, & if I was the saviour of humanity, I​’​d hope the water I swim in would be fucking clean, & I may be mad but I think I’​m pregnant, Because​ I crave the worst of food & always vomit before bed...

I could have been saved but I wasn​’​t born yesterday, so now I just sit alone with my thoughts, & I’​​m content that I​’ll probably kill myself, but if I say it out loud I know I can​’t commit​..

Did you forget your lines once again? With no one to cue you, you stood with a stupid grin, & I wonna punch it right off but I’​ll hurt my fist, & I can​ ​’t afford another goddamn mirror. Now what happens when the real monsters​ win? Even god will have to cheap out on the apocalypse